Growth is Happening

Asher White, Reporter

This season may be tough, but growth and development will come. 

They practice 3:15- 5, and come in on Sunday if they play Monday. They win and lose. The varsity record this season is 1-10. ̈ ̈The record has had an affect on the team, and despite the losses they persevere and come back everyday. This has built a lot of character,̈ says Coach Fielding. 

The point leader for the varsity team in Crishawn Haggard, with an average of 18 points per game. The starters for Varsity are Jordan Ausler, Crishawn Haggard, Devin Oliver, Cole Griesemer, and DeeVon Braxton. You may see some JV players move up to varsity. According to Coach Fielding, ̈A lot are getting better, many down the road could play a large role in the team.̈