Colby Jack Pub Burger

Emma Tracy, Writer

Culvers, a casual fast food restaurant, just came out with a new Butterburger for the season. It contains the ground beef patty, either single, double, or triple, colby jack cheese, crispy onions, A1 four pepper mayo, all in between an everything bun, which is lightly buttered and toasted. This burger is otherwise known as, Colby Jack Pub Burger.

The customers have many opinions on the burger. Jesse Marchese said, “It’s so good,” and that was his final opinion about the burger. According to Madeline Summers, “It was good for a one time thing, but I wouldn’t get it again.” Both of these students go to Hillcrest High School, but Corey Tracy is a customer at Culvers and he decided to try it out as well. Corey says, “I really liked it. I loved the pepper sauce and the onions they put on the burger.”

The goal of this new burger is to add more wild flavor to the menu or at least until supplies run out. Culvers is very family friendly, and they want what is best for the customers. Along with this new burger, Culvers even got a new menu board. So, Culvers is really stepping it up for a better environment and a better flavor palette. According to the store manager over on North Glenstone, Deanna Price, “We really like to just add two or three new sandwiches to the menu a year.”