Service Animals

Matthew Sing

According to the ADA, it’s illegal to refuse a service dog in schools that receive government funding. At Springfield Public Schools, you would need to fill out a service animal registration agreement 14 days prior to use of the service animal. Next, the school will convene with an IEP and 504 plan meeting to ensure student and animal during an emergency or evacuation if necessary. Then, it will be evaluated to see if the student is appropriate to handle the service animal.  It will also be evaluated to see that the service animal does not alter the fundamentals of the school program.  

If the mere presence of the dog calms you down, then the ADA will not allow it in schools. However, there are legitimate reasons for the ADA allowing service animals in schools. An example of one of these reasons is that the student can’t function normally at school without the dog.

Service animals should be allowed according to the law, however the debate is still going on on whether they should be allowed and some people our working to change the law. Service animals should be allowed in school because they contribute to a student’s right to a fair and balanced education. The student may not be able to have a safe, healthy day without the animal. The student may suffer from physical or mental disabilities and cannot have a day at school without them. This might allow students to bring up their grades or create a better life for themselves.They should be allowed in schools but some people say no.


  People who disapprove of service animals in school say that there’s too many risks of having an animal at school. For example, the dog might  attack a student who approaches their companion. The danger of the service animal provoking another kid’s allergies,and there is also the fact that the animal may help one student and be a distraction to ten more. There are also people who are scared of dogs, and this could prevent them from working.

In the end, it’s the law that service animals be allowed in schools if there is a legitimate reason for them to be there.