Black Friday Shopping at Walmart

So you may be asking what’s up with Walmart´s Black Friday deals this year. Considering the fact that their slogan is, ̈Save money, live better ̈  and ̈always low prices, always,̈ you might be wondering how much money are you really saving? Well, for starters, Walmart has cheaper electronic based items than other stores. This includes tvs, toys, and video games.

One of the best selling and popular electronic items this year is the Nintendo Switch. Walmart has these for sale, and it is a better buy than other places. It is a popular buy among younger kids and teens this year. The Nintendo Switch has games like Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. Both these games are loved by kids worldwide, and since it is Black Friday, they have much more for a lot less. TV ́s are a big seller as well. You are able to purchase a 50 ́ classic 4K ultra tv for only $148. Any other day than Black Friday, it would have cost you $268. That is a steal.

Over the weekend stores opened up at 6pm, and as always, they were a rush. There are always videos that surface of people fighting for the last tv or toy for their kids, but that is what makes Black Friday Black Friday. Another great thing about Black Friday is that it means the holidays are here. So, start hanging mistletoe over the new TV ́s you got on Black Friday and enjoy the holidays.