From the Audience to the Stage

Katlin Hilliard 

People are chosen to join the ranks of the thespians after every school production. The question remains for many students, what is a thespian? How are you qualified to become a member of the  International Thespian Society?

The term thespian itself means an actress or actor; however in all the International Thespian Society is an honor society for high school and middle school theater students.  

The requirements to become a thespian are quite simple. One thing is that you have to have a total of ten thespian points.Thespian points are gained when you are apart of a show even if you’re a part of the crew and not an actor.  Another thing is that you have to be a part of at least two productions. Then, you are on your way to becoming a thespian at Hillcrest High School. 

A couple of days after a production has been completed,  current thespian members conduct a meeting to decide who they believe should become a member of the International Thespian Society, and then they send out the invitations for the interviews .  All thespians must pay $40 and have a form filled out by a certain date, current members interview asking about ten questions. The next day you receive a letter that either says congratulations you have been accepted, or it  says we’re sorry but we believe you are not ready yet.

After accepted thespians receive these letters, they must memorize the thespian pledge before induction. Then the induction ceremony will be performed on stage in the auditorium. After this task is completed thespians are official  at Hillcrest High School in troup number 2044.     


Newest Thespian Members 

Aaron Blackwell

Chris Boulgar

Savannah Brown

Katlin Hilliard 

Madi Lobin 

Abigail Thompson

Justice Wilson