Sweepstake Award for HTV

Emma Tracy, Reporter

 The Sweepstake award is given to a school who has the most first place entries at the Academy of Scholastic Broadcasting Four State Conference. The very last day of the conference and excitement, October 28th, was all about sitting, listening, and waiting. It was the day students found out how well they did. Several of the HTV students brought in numerous of the first place prizes, as well as second and third. 

At the very end of the ceremony the sweepstake award was announced.  This trophy, or traveling cup, was given to Hillcrest High School, which is a huge deal. Hillcrest had won it twice before, but not since 2012. Every year one school wins it, and they keep it until the conference comes again. Last year, Central got to take home the sweepstakes. This year the first place and second place were super close in points, with West Broward in second. Therefore Coach Davis, the broadcast teacher, gets to hold the Sweepstake trophy until next year. 

The long weekend consisted of numerous contests and several hours of filming, acting, editing, and of course, making sure the entry was uploaded by deadline. The conference contains over 50 schools from surrounding states and a few along the coast participating.

The conference takes place at University Plaza on the last weekend of October. Each competition has a seperate start time, and there is no way to plan what you are going to do. Every contest has a set of rules that must be followed, some of them even have a theme or boundaries as to where you can go.