What is the best cloud gaming service out there?

Kyle Stokes, Reporter

As web based gaming becomes ever so popular, companies are developing services for the gaming masses. Google has developed Stadia©, Microsoft has developed xCloud©, and Sony developed PSNow©. Those are just the big corporations. Which one is the best? This is in no particular order.

Starting with Google Stadia©, The paid service, being $10/month, has 4k resolution and a free games library. If you don’t have the money, there is a free service for Stadia© called Stadia Base©. The drawback to the free version is you don’t get the same features as the paid version. Also, you have to get extra hardware in order to play on a Television (Chromecast ultra©).

The list of available games in Stadia© include: DOOM© and DOOM: Eternal©, CyberPunk 2077©, BorderLands 3©, the ENTIRE Ubisoft library, and many more. Now, from what wind has been caught, Stadia© is a lag-riddled mess. So, 4.5/10 on the rating.

Now, onto xCloud©: Right off the bat, XCloud© solves a very serious problem: Storage size. Consoles such as XBOX can only hold up to 1TB of space which big item games such as the HALO series can take up to 100GB of space, whereas with cloud gaming, there are no storage limits. Then again, breaking storage issues probably comes with all of these, not just with XCloud. And, unlike Stadia©, you don’t need any extra hardware aside from a bluetooth XBox gamepad.The only real requirements are a Microsoft account, a phone made within the last three years, speedy wifi, and a bluetooth Xbox gamepad. This comes with 250 games from the ENTIRE Xbox library going all the way back to the original XBOX. So far, XCloud© is looking like the NETFLIX© of Cloud gaming. Rating is 7.5/10

Onward, to PSNow©: Understandably, this has been out for quite some time. But, for effective ratings and comparisons, there had to be a little bit of a wait before getting to rating PSNow©. Anyhow, as of October 1st, there have been some big games put on to PSNow© (Namely, God of War, GTA V, Infamous Second Son, and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End) and lowered prices for their subscriptions ( The subscriptions are $10 for a one month subscription, $25 for a three month subscription, $60 for a one year subscription, approximately.) There will be new games added monthly, downloadable games (NOT recommended if you don’t want precious storage space taken up), PSVR support for older games, and much more. Now, if PSNow© was released more recently, there would be a slightly higher rating, but due to how long it’s been out, 6.5/10

Well, as of right now, it looks as if XCloud is king of the Cloud for one more reason than listed in the previous paragraph. Mobility: XCloud is available under a different name on the google play store, and (hopefully, for IOS users) availability on the app store as Xbox Streaming. PSNow doesn’t have this option.