Parking Pass Blues

Brianna Bennett, Reporter

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     Parking passes cost $35.00 at Hillcrest High School. Students have to pay for school lunches, dances, tickets, school items,etc. Paying to park at our school is just extra money students have to spend instead of saving for college. Parking passes have their perks, such as parking at our school and not having to walk. Parking passes in the SPSD all cost around the same (Glendale-$35.00) (Kickapoo-$35.00) (Central-Free) (Parkview-$70.00). Other school districts like Ozark ($10) and Willard ($10) all have lower prices than what Hillcrest does.

     Parking passes do come with their pros and their cons. Some pros include – you can always guarantee that you will have a place to park when you come to school even if you are running late, or if the school is renting out our parking lot to raise money for school functions you don’t have to try to find a new place to park without walking a far distance. Overall, parking passes are expensive and a financial problem for students at Hillcrest.