Spooky Flicks to Watch Alone

Lilly Spooner, Reporter

Getting into the spooky mood can be hard when you have trouble finding the perfect spooky movies. There are a lot of choices when picking what horror/ thriller movie to watch, so here is a list of my personal favorites that will make you feel a little less lonely…

  1. Candy Man (R)-

Grad student Helen Lee unknowingly summons the local superstition Candy Man, a hook-handed creature the forms into a human by people’s beliefs in him. Her summons create a new chapter to this creature’s story. This movie is filled with thrillers, horrors, and mystery, revealing an unfinished story to many people’s lives. You can also try to play the Candy Man game.

  1. Truth or Dare (TV-MA)-

A once normal, innocent game takes a death toll on the past resident. Now history is repeating itself when eight friends decide to rent the house on Halloween night to play the game, truth or dare, discovering the truth the house holds. Truth or Dare is a relatable movie between having friendships and the real life game.

  1. The Lazarus Effect (PG-13)-

Medical researcher Frank and his fiancee Zoe and a team of filmmakers, mentees, and other scientists explore the idea of the Lazarus effects by experimenting and achieving the effect. After an unfortunate incident with Zoe, the team turn the experiment with pigs and dogs to a human being. The experiment brings consequences along with Zoe, creating an evil within her. The Lazarus Effect explores the idea of bringing the dead back to life, creating a scene, of what if and how comes. 

  1. Beetlejuice (PG)-

Barbara and Adam Maitland died in a car crash. They find themselves haunting their home unable to leave. When the unbearable Deetzes and their sad teen daughter Lydia buy the house, the two make a failing effort to scare the family out of the house. When their scare plan did not work, they stumble upon another ghost, Beetlejuice. Upon discovering him, they put the Deetzes family, especially Lydia, in trouble. The trouble occurs only if you say his name three times. 

  1. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (PG-13)-

What if stories that are suppose to creep you out, only through imagination, become real? That’s exactly what happens to a group of teens that enter the home of Sarah Bellows. This new horror movie has a different vibe to it. If you are not familiar with Austin Schwartz works, then you will leave the movie feeling cold. 

  1. Scream (All 4) (R)-

A masked serial killer stalks the students at Santa Rosa high school. Adding up high body counts, and you would never guess the victims. This cleverly made horror movie is filled with laughs and screams, and it is a classic old horror movie. 

  1. The Shining (R) –

Jack Torrance, his wife, and son, becomes a caretaker of an isolated hotel for the winter. As he tries to cure his writer’s block, his son starting seeing premonitions and what seems to be “ghosts.” When Jacks writer’s block doesn’t go away, and Danny’s visions become more current and worse, Jack uncovers the dark secrets the hotel holds, making him a homicidal maniac, terrifying his family.