Exposing Fake Cartridges

Asher White, Reporter

Fake cartridges have flooded America and its youth. These non-regulated and fake illegal cartridges are not only harming people, but they are killing them. Most of these are bought illegally and distributed illegally for a higher price. Most teens buy them because they are discrete, cheap, and a trend. Even if these may be legal in other states that does not justify buying them. You never know what one might contain. 

One urban legend says that the fake carts could be laced with fentanyl, which is used to treat severe pain.  Although, this is a possibility, it has never actually been reported. Only 26 people have died from these, due to lipoid pneumonia, which causes the lung to inflate by oil deposits entering the respiratory system. This may not be the only reason for death, but it is the one we are aware of.  The risk is too high to buy fake cartridges. They are illegal, and could cause severe harm or even death.