MSU Enrollment

Emma Tracy, Reporter

MSU is having an ongoing problem this year. Their enrollment has plumulted. The president of Missouri State University, Clif Smart, is trying to get the enrollment to increase. One of the enrollment issues is that Hillcrest High School only has three dual credits for MSU. According to Smart, every other Springfield Public School contains twenty five (

This year Smart is going to try a few steps. MSU is going to provide dual credit for free to high school students on free or reduced lunch, restructure scholarship programs, promote career outcomes and experiential learning opportunities in recruitment efforts, and develop new program agreements.

These are only a few of the things that MSU is trying. They are not launching this change until later this year. 

The key initiative will be piloted through SPS. It is dual credits for free and reduced lunch students. In order to qualify, students must be enrolled in one of the qualifying school or programs, qualify for free or reduced lunches, have at least a 3.0 GPA, and meet course prerequisites.

Another reason  why enrollment has decreased is that high school graduation numbers have decreased drastically all around the United States. This is a major factor.

Clif Smart has these blog posts called Clif’s Notes. They contain a lot of information about MSU and what is going on. They are even written by Smart himself. For more information on this topic you can find these on the Missouri State Website.