Homework: Should it be Banned?

Katlin Hilliard, Reporter

Homework has had its fair share of debate for centuries. But the question remains, should homework be banned?  

The side that says that homework should be banned believes homework is a burden on the students and their families. 

According to DiLascio-Martinuk,  ̈ Research does not show a positive correlation between homework and academic achievement for elementary school students.Even among older students, research does not demonstrate a significant positive correlation between homework and academic skills prior to high school.”  This proves how giving too much homework to children at a young age is not good for them.More support for this argument is also says DiLascio-Martinuk, ̈ Research does show that other activities, such as quality time with family, or time spent in clubs or playing sports, correlates to student growth and success. But excessive homework interferes with this.¨ 

Homework supporters believe that a moderate amount of homework is good and reinforces key concepts, and develops time-management and organization skills. According to DiLascio-Martinuk ̈ Research shows a clear benefit of homework for high school students, but students must be prepared in advance to handle the required level of homework.” The opposition to homework believes that there is a better solution than just banning homework. The solution could possibly be that the teachers assign less homework. 

In conclusion, the two sides disagree about how homework should  be handled. Researchers responses to this issue have never remained consistent. The debate will continue, and teachers will continue to give how much homework they desire.