Superheroes for the Blood Drive

Trinity Brown, Reporter

On October 9th, 2019, Hillcrest had some superheroes in our school. Several people could have saved some lives with their donation. The Community Blood Center Of The Ozarks gave teachers and students an opportunity to be a lifesaver and give blood.  The donations given are first tested then used for treatments and medical emergencies. More than 230 blood donations are needed every day to assist patients.

There were a few students who have had the question, would they be able to find out their blood type? The answer is yes! After donating blood it will tested. In 4 to 5 weeks results will be sent to the donator’s house.  Also, there is a way to check the person’s blood type after a week. 

As the spring 2020 blood drive arrives, I personally recommend donating blood if you are able. After donating, I felt like I just did a good deed. It also makes you feel like you could actually have helped someone.  Maybe you could be the next superhero.