Keeping Schools Safe

Trevor Goodman, Reporter

3 million. According to Safe Schools, that is how many crimes in schools occur around the United States in a year( That is roughly 16,000 a day. This number is very high and unsafe. Adolescents and young adults tend to show and exhibit violent outbreaks and behavioral problems. The root of these problems are linked to things such as horseplay, bullying, and vandalism or destroying property. 

Children who are rougher with their classmates and each other tend to develop affiliations with each other. This is something kids do to help themselves select who they choose to be friends with. This allows the children to find their place in the natural dominance hierarchy. The majority of children have a desire to feel in control and be looked upon as the best by their peers. It is not a bad thing to want, but when it invokes the child to act violent to get there, that is where the line needs to be drawn.

Kids love to be respected as well. The more respected they feel, the more confident they will feel about themselves. A solution to lowering crime in schools across America is to make sure every kid feels as if the school needs and wants them. This can be done by adults getting to know the students and plugging them into things they like and find interest in.

 “I enjoy being able to be apart of HTV. It makes me feel like I am a part of something,” (Emma Tracy). As Emma stated, being a member of that group makes her feel like she belongs at school and makes her feel wanted. If kids get plugged into groups or clubs, then they can feel wanted and it is a domino effect from there. Kids don’t want to feel less than others, so lets make sure that does not happen.