Console war 2020: PS5 v Xbox “Scarlett”

Kyle Stokes, Reporter

Microsoft and Sony are going to be at another console war in 2020 with the release of the (Sony) PlayStation 5 and the (Microsoft) Xbox project Scarlett. Which one is better? The PS5 with 3D audio and 8K television support, or the Xbox Scarlett with 120Hz refresh rates and ray tracing technology?

In order to figure this out, a nosey investigator hacked into the systems and leaked the specs of each product.

On the Playstation side of the court, The PS5 includes a custom 8 core AMD Ryzen 3rd gen processor with a GPU taking the good parts of the RADEON line of graphics chips/cards, and a Solid State Drive to boot. What this means to those who are not necessarily tech savvy,  is the next PlayStation will (probably) be just as fast as the current PlayStation 4, yet with better graphics than the previous generation. The PlayStation 5 will come with more inside storage than the current PS4 thanks to its GDDR6 SDRAM, which means 16 GigaBytes/sec speeds with less power usage.

On the Xbox side of the court, “Scarlett” (Running name) also has a custom processor using AMD Zen 2 and NAVI structuring, possible 8K resolutions, Solid State Drive Storage and GDDR6 SDRAM. The Xbox project “Scarlett” will be four times faster than the previous XBOX one. What does this mean? Well, comparing the currently released specs of the XBOX Scarlett to the XBOX One, the Scarlett will have more memory and more speed than the XBOX One.

But, which one is better? Well, that is for the user to decide.

On the video game side of things, the PS5 already has confirmed that the entire PS4 catalog (including PlayStation VR) will be available. On the XBOX side, the only confirmed “Scarlett” release will be Halo: Infinite. (Both of these Nex-Gen Consoles are backwards compatible.)


Update: Sony has announced the official Release date, Name, Controller details and so many more details about their NexGen console.The PlayStation 5, as it is officially called, will be released during the holiday season 2020, so around the same time as the XBOX Scarlett.

 They also released the features for the unofficially named DualShock 5 controllers. Now, there will be two new features added to the new controllers; Haptic feedback to replace the rumble technology of yesteryear, and the other is adaptive triggers buttons (L2/R2). 

The PS5 haptic feedback technology seen on the new controllers is supposed to simulate different experiences, so crashing into a wall in any game that has vehicles will feel completely different from getting hit in say, GTA. (Compared to the rumble technology of the DualShock 4 controllers.)

The adaptive triggers on the new controllers will simulate different tensions for whatever your in-game character is using. Driving a vehicle? The adaptive triggers will have the same tension as the gas and brake pedals. Using a new weapon? The adaptive triggers will respond by “tensing up”.

There are more details to look at, though. You see, in generations past, consoles have always used hard disc drives. Now, they’re using more efficient solid state drives.

Also, the new PlayStation 5 will have a disc slot for hard copies of games and movies. PS5 discs can hold up to 100 GB of space (lower than a basic home use laptop), ray tracing acceleration in the graphics processor, and a more descriptive user interface.

Unfortunately, installing the files of any game is required, however, there is a flipside to this; You can choose to either download just the multiplayer option, OR download the entire game and just delete the single player portion once you’re finished with it.