Bump, Set, Spike!

Ashlyn Pentecost, Reporter

The Hillcrest JV volleyball team have seen a lot of differences lately on and off the court. The team is coached by Jordan Fielding, who is also the boys basketball coach for Hillcrest. During summer league, teams were totally different and none of the girls on any of the teams knew that we would all get a new main coach and a whole new point of view of the game. Coach Fielding has helped the JV team become one together and gives us the motivation to play with our heart but also think smart while playing. 

Coach Smith, the main head coach for Varsity, now brought a whole new system to us and looking back at last years season there has been such a big change in playing level, attitudes, support, and friendship. Most of the girls that were on the freshman team last year would say they had a huge issue with not getting along with each other. But this year’s JV team has brought a huge improvement on getting along with each other. The record for last season was 1-9 by this time, and right now we are 4-6. We have a routine for every practice, and we practice the same things to improve and to learn how to stay disciplined. Following the system, being there for each other, acting like a team, and putting in all the hard work has helped us improve this season. 

Some of the main things we hear in a game are, “hang tough,” “pass with confidence,” “2 by 2,” “thats what I like to see,” and one of the most important is “stay disciplined.” Staying disciplined in a game is doing what you need to do at the right times and watching the court. Volleyball is 50% mental toughness and 50% physical fitness. Being able to watch three different things at once and communicate with your team at once is more difficult than you would think. Coach Fielding has helped us improve more than they thought they would this season. He is always there giving encouragement to the girls and helping them out when they get stuck on serve receive, or when they get down on themselves. Coach Fielding is known by the girls to make things easy and fun, and all of them are grateful for him. 

The game of volleyball may just be fun to watch for you or fun to play. For the Hillcrest Volleyball girls, they take the game as a way to relieve stress from school, and other difficult paths they are on. It’s not just a team, it’s a family with unbreakable bonds.